Friday, August 3, 2012

New Site

Finishing up my personal website that will contain my photographic portfolio. Take a look at it and contact me if you would like a print or a photographer for future work!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Signing Off

So all of my pictures from my time abroad are pretty much all posted and my stories have been told. I may throw a video together eventually and toss it up on this site, but I'll also post them on my other blog. Will be only using my other blog from now on and my flickr account. So if you want to continue following me go on over to either:


Thanks for following this blog for the past few months and I hope you've enjoyed my stories and photos!

Mt. Croagh Patrick

So the last week that I was in Ireland, Matt and I took a bus up to Westport, Mayo to climb up Mt. Croagh Patrick. It took a few hours to get all the way up to Mayo from Cork, but we got in late afternoon. We decided since we only had one night in Westport to tackle the mountain that afternoon/evening instead of the next day. So we arrived at the base of the mountain and that's when the big question became answered. Would we do the hike barefoot or with shoes? For some reason, I decided to do it barefoot. I wish I had none it was a path of complete loose rock. It was a long, painful hike up the 2500 foot mountain. But upon reaching the top with numb and cut-up feet, a huge sense of accomplishment came over me. The view at the top was amazing. We said a few prayers at the top to continue the ban on snakes from Ireland and headed back down. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

[View atop Mt. Croagh Patrick]

[Must be the family store!]


Here are some pictures from my visit to Cobh, Cork:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sisters' Visit in Ireland - Pictures!

Here are the pictures from when my sisters came to Ireland for our visit! Just to recall the places/counties we drove through: Limerick, Clare, Aran Islands, Cork, and Kerry! Enjoy:

[Lemonfield, Limerick]

[Limerick Cemetery]

[Bunratty Castle]

[Lahinch, Clare]

[Cliffs of Moher, Clare]

[Inisheer, Aran Islands]

[Kinsale, Cork]

[Charles Fort, Cork]

[English Market, Cork]

[Blarney Castle]

[Inch Beach]

[Boat to spot Fungi]

[Dingle, Kerry]

[Connor Pass, Kerry]